Upgrading to Claude Sonnet 3.5

Just a quick update on my progress, stalled because I wasn't happy with Clause Opus 3's responses.

I started using Clause Projects and Sonnet 3.5 and it seems to be better. For example, the new Grammar syntax might look like this:

Verb("Get", "get")
    .Pattern(Choice(Lit("out"), Lit("off"), Lit("up")), Choice(Lit("of"), Lit("from")), Var("noun"))
    .Pattern(Choice(Lit("in"), Lit("into"), Lit("on"), Lit("onto")), Var("noun"))
    .Pattern(Lit("off"), Var("noun"))
    .Pattern(MultiInside(), Choice(Lit("from"), Lit("off")), Var("noun"));

That definition probably looks familiar as it is pulled from the Inform 6 grammar library.

Before anyone gets upset about copyrights, I have every intention of figuring out how to appropriately assign original content to its authors. That said, IF is a fairly open subject matter and creating a Grammar Library isn't the issue here. It's using "grammar.h" as a catalyst for a new syntax in a new platform.

But I love the syntax in the markdown above. It's extremely clear what is being defined and its fluent nature is exciting.

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